Perfect Secrecy


When dealing with encryption, there is a negligible probability that an attacker will be able to try out all the possible keys used to encrypt the message. Can we make an encryption scheme which will be secure even if attacker has infinite power?

Design patterns: Singleton pattern


There can be requirements when we need variables to maintain data for the system (like some global parameters) or need to call methods from the class without creating a new instance of the class every time. One solution to these situations will be to use static fields and methods. But with static, you can not inherit the methods or variables from another class or interface. Because of this, you...

Akshay Jain

I am passionate about programming and feel amazing when I see people using the software I have contributed in. I believe it is essential to write high quality code, which is easy to understand and test. I am still a work in progress and decided to document and share some of my learnings with everyone. Apart from that, I like to read books, and so you might find a lot of book reviews on my blog. I am working as a Software Engineer at Oracle since post-graduation from IISc Bangalore, and happily married :)

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